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Estimate College Costs
Colleges use the FAFSA and PROFILE forms to determine your EFC or Expected Family Contribution, which is the total amount of money your family is likely to pay for each year of college, for any college. Estimating your EFC is the first step toward optimizing your financial aid situation.

Your Information

QuickCalc estimates your EFC using the 10 variables with the greatest impact on the FAFSA and PROFILE. You can use rough guesses if you don't have the exact numbers.This estimate is based on 2010-2011 formulas.
How many people live in your household
Student's total income
Student's assets
Parents' marital status

All parent information refers to custodial parent.

Age of older parent
Parents' total income
Parents' U.S. income tax paid
Parents' untaxed income
Parents' non-retirement assets (excluding your home)
Parents' value of home equity
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